| B E S P O K E   D E S I G N |
Bespoke Design is a tailor made service especially for you who would like to go a little further and think outside the box. My Bespoke Designs will be completely personalized to your style, themes, reflecting your true colours and personality.

| I N   H O U S E   D E S I G N |
In House Design is a ready-made service with designs existed for you to choose from, all ready to rock and roll.  All my In House Designs are suitable for weddings and events of various themes, styles and feel. If you've a colour theme and would like to incorporate into my In House Designs, don't be shy and let me know.

| D E S I G N   I T E M S |
main invitation | save the date 
info card | accomodation card | direction card | map card 
thank you card
monogram design | wedding logo design
seating plan
ceremony program | information booklet

Add-on items
RSVP | table number | place card | menu | favour sticker | wax seal stamp | emboss seal

Please email us at info@kalomakeart.com for pricing and further information.